Shingeki no Kyojin OP 2 LQ - Jiyuu no Tsubasa

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How To Train Your Dragon 2

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Just graduated from high school this weekend! Congrats to anyone else who graduated/is graduating this year. Go class of 2013

IM FINALLY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When I fall in love with someone, then that doesn’t “just” happen… When I love someone’s character, over time I’ll see that personality, I love so much, shining through their eyes and fusing with their appearance, turning them in the most beautiful girl in the world. It’s not about appearance, it’s about someone’s beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic personality, you’ll see everytime you look at her. It’s about the fact that when you look in her eyes, you just feel home… You forget all your problems, all your fears, you just feel safe, you feel like you’ve finally found a place where you belong… A place you can spend an eternity, where you will spend an eternity, cause those enchanting, beautiful eyes will slow down time and make every second; looking in her beautiful eyes, right into her amazing personality, last more than a lifetime.
It’s about the fact that the whole world, the whole universe just looks so much more beautiful! All of a sudden everything looks different and your heart will just start smiling. That’s what love is all about… the moment someone you only “liked” before, changes into the most aesthetical pleasing girl in the world. The moment you realise how blind you’ve been all those days, how you were living in a fake universe, never knowing that the only thing your life is all about, the only thing that keeps you smiling, was all the time right next to you.

― Tom Hiddleston

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Why are you so freakin perfect, Tom?!?!

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If you haven’t seen this film yet, it’s pretty entertaining. 

the kawaii gatsby

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Gravity Falls Theme (Full version)

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gabbymonkeyhandsmendy said: Hey Ally, do you ever get homesick?

Hey Gabby, guess what? Since my mom’s not here, I can totally have ice cream for breakfast!

"I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy"  hey aaron…….

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Really great opening for the 2006 (I think) anime Ergo Proxy. One of the few English openings for an anime, by the way. If you have never seen Ergo Proxy, I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy the whole post-apocalyptic, dark, mysterious genre.  

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My big sister and I on a camel sometime in the 90s. I still have no idea where we found a camel………….

My big sister and I on a camel sometime in the 90s. I still have no idea where we found a camel………….

and finally, art I made this year. this is what happens when I go to class. sorry teachers……

its the gift that keeps on giving. sorry for so many drawing pics, but people have always told me to be more open about letting other people see my “art”, so here are some old drawings I found in my room 

terra was my absolute favorite teen titan. I wanted to be her so badly, I seriously considered changing my name, dying my hair, and getting blue contacts

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